Consignment Solutions

What is Consignment Solutions?

We are here to assist sellers to sell their home furnishings and accessories in “like-new” condition.  We are also here to assist buyers by bringing them “like-new” home furnishings at a fraction of the cost of new. Whether you want to sell a single piece or a whole room or buy a single piece or a whole room, Consignment Solutions has the solution for you!  Once your item sells, you will receive 50% of the final selling price.

How long is the consignment period?

Consignment Solutions will display your merchandise for up to 120 days.  Once the consignment period is over, you will be contacted to collect any unsold merchandise.  Should you choose not to pick up your merchandise within 10 days of notification; it will become the property of Consignment Solutions and will be marked down further, donated to charity or disposed of at the discretion of Consignment Solutions management.

How are items priced?

Like you, we want your item to sell for the highest price.  We price items at fair resale market value.  Often original price, age, desirability and condition help us determine a fair price.  We welcome your input but reserve the right to set the final selling price.

How do I consign my home furnishings?

Large items must be previewed prior to arrival in our store through photographs which you can bring in or email.  Once accepted you will have seven days to bring items in or arrange for pick up.  To consign small items, please call to set up an appointment to bring them into the store.  We can pick larger items up for a pick-up/delivery fee.  See a Consignment Solutions associate for details and pricing.

What is accepted?

We accept accessories and home furnishings that are clean and in good repair (no chips, cracks, holes, tears or stains).  All items must have an asking price of at least $15.00.  Furniture must be structurally sound with no pet damage or odors. All consigned items must come in CLEAN and DUSTED.  If we determine items must be repaired or cleaned, a charge will be incurred and taken out of your proceeds.

What is not accepted?

Based on our experience, the following items have little or no resale value in our store and we do not accept:​​​​

•Children’s toys, equipment

•Pet Supplies
•Kitchenware such as Tupperware, knives, spoons, mismatched place settings, etc.

•Personal Care items
•Luggage (except vintage)
•Cameras, Video equipment
•Hardware, Building Materials
•Bunkbeds, mattresses, bed/bath linens

•Draperies, valances, etc.

  • ART

Is there a return policy?

All items are sold as-is and, in order to protect our consignors, no returns are accepted.  It is the purchaser’s responsibility to inspect merchandise carefully before purchasing.  Merchandise must be picked up within 3 days of purchase or delivery through Consignment Solutions arranged at check-out. 

When am I paid?

We prepare checks for mailing on the 10th of each month.  Your check will be processed and mailed to you on the 10th of the month following the month your merchandise was sold.  For example, if your item sells on January 8th, your check will be prepared and mailed on February 10th. 

What are my responsibilities as a consignor?

Although we try to provide a secure environment for your merchandise, the items belong to you until the consignment period expires or the item is sold.  You must provide any desired insurance coverage for fire, theft, or damage.  Contact your homeowner’s insurance provider if you have questions regarding coverage.  

Call Consignment Solutions for more information or to set an appointment to bring your “like-new” furniture and accessories into the store.